Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama a lock?

If Barack Obama wins Wisconsin today, I don't see how Hillary can win the nomination legitimately at this point. Obama will get another bump and is polling even with her in Texas. With Texas still weeks away, I can see him getting his numbers up and squeaking out a win. If they split Texas and Ohio, Obama is still going be ahead in delegates and popular vote and he keeps winning the smaller states. He's won twice as many primaries/caucuses as she has.

Now there's this flat-out childish accusation by Team Clinton that Obama is plagiarizing. Well, when I heard the offending line-trade, it sounded no more plagiarized to me than when she stole his "Are you fired up? Let's go to work!" call.

It still wouldn't surprise me if Hillary gets the nomination. The Clintons are masters of scorched-earth, Machiavellian politics, and whether it's suing to get the shouldn't-have-counted votes of Florida and Michigan counted, or strong-arming some superdelegates, she will not give up until Obama has the 2025 delegates. And party-unity-be-damned, I wonder what Team Clinton still has up their sleeve.

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