Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oliver Stone's W


oelivar ston's jorj v bush biopik has begun philming kaanphirmed are josh brolin as jorj, yelijbeth bainks as viphe lunraa, yend jems kromvell & yellen burstyan as his parents, jorj hav yend barbar rumored but not kaanphirmed are jephphre vright as kaaliin povel yend robart duvaall as disk chenii should be a good moovii aaeetii maay not be achkuraate, viiring more tovaatd jphk thaan nikson, but i thought ston vaas pheyar yenough in nikson, yend i yekspekt no les phrom him hiyar, his parsanal politiks aside.

This was originally a bug that converted my stuff to Hindi if I wanted it to or not. I thought it was an April Fool's joke by Google, but it never went away.p=p]\[

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