Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suns fans can be mad

No players from the Celtics-Hawks altercation will be suspended. Excuse me? Kevin Garnett pushed a referee! Last time Jerry Sloan did that he was suspended SEVEN games! Kendrick Perkins got off the bench and set foot on the court. Last year, David Stern was letter of the law in handing the Spurs-Suns series to the Spurs by suspending Amare Stoudamire and Brois Diaw when they got off the bench after Robert Horry hipchecked Steve Nash into the scorers' table. I would follow Tim legler's logic that the NBA is just following common sense this year, but there was no announcement at any point this year they were going to follow common sense. All we heard from Stern last year was "Letter of the law, letter of the law." Now we get common sense? I think it's great for Celtic fans, and I think it's a stupid rule to begin with, but it's a giant double standard to not suspend KG and Perkins. You think they'd still not be suspended if Celtics were up 3-1 instead of being tied at 2-2?

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