Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game 2 reactions

Cavs over Wizards - Wow, I thought Gilbert Arenas would play better than he did in Game 1, not worse. And how big a punk is DeShawn Stevenson for blowing on his fingers after hitting a three when they're down by 15 and he's missed most of his shots? It made me glad the Jazz traded him for Gordan Giricek who they then traded for Kyle Korver. Now I don't see how the Wizards can win this series.

Jazz over Rockets - Another game, another no-show in the fourth quarter by Tracy McGrady. Deron Williams is a stud, and if one Jazzman underperforms, another one steps up. Okur was absent in Game 1 so AK47 had his best game in weeks. In Game 2 Boozer got into early foul trouble so Okur put up 16 and 16. It seems like T-Mac has already given up on the season.

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