Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall TV Preview - Wednesday

New Shows:

MERCY (NBC) - Like ER but the nurses are the star of the show. Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 17 Again) is the novice nurse making her way at a New Jersey hospital.

HANK (ABC) - Kelsey Grammer returns to sitcomland as a corporate executive who must learn to live with more meager means after getting downsized, and be a better husband and father than he has been up to this point.

THE MIDDLE (ABC) - Patricia Heaton, who co-starred with Grammer in Fox's back to You, will now follow him in her own sitcom about getting by in Indiana. Neil Flynn (Scrubs) plays her husband.

MODERN FAMILY (ABC) - Mockumentary-style comedy focussed on three families: the nuclear family with parents trying be "hip" with their three growing children, the gay couple who's just adopted a baby, and the middle-aged guy on his second marriage with a new stepson. Ed O'Neill leads the ensemble. This has been getting very positive buzz.

COUGAR TOWN (ABC) - Courtney Cox stars as a newly-divorced mother of a teen who's getting back into the dating scene. Josh Hopkins (Swingtown), Christa Miller (Scrubs) and Brian Van Holt (Threshold) are in the cast.

GLEE (FOX) - Fox aired the pilot back in May and now it's back. It's about the joy of glee club, a Freaks & Geeks for 2009.

THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE (TheCW) - This melodrama about modeling follows America's Next Top Model. Not sure how wise that is, but Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton and High School Musical's Corbin Bleu star.

EASTWICK (ABC) - Inspired by the Witches of Eastwick, it's about three witches and the Devil mixing it up in a small New England town. Rebecca Romijn's one of the witches.

ABC - Hank / The Middle
CBS - Old Christine / Gary Unmarried
NBC - Mercy
FOX - So You Think You Can Dance (results)
TheCW - America's Next Top Model

ABC - Modern Family / Cougar Town
CBS - Criminal Minds
NBC - Law & Order: SVU
FOX - Glee
TheCW - The Beautiful Life

ABC - Eastwick
NBC - The Jay Leno Show

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