Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Jay Leno Show - TV Review

So did Jay change some of his shtick now that he's moved to primetime? No.

It's the Tonight Show earlier. Slightly different set, two chairs instead of a desk, but that's pretty much it. It's the Tonight Show. Now he had quite the "get" by being Kanye West's first interview, who choked up when apologizing once again for his rude rant stealing Taylor Swift's spotlight.

I see NBC settling into averaging 6 million viewers a night, which will keep them in fourth place, but an ffordable fourth place, and I see Conan continue to lose his audience to David Letterman and Nightline.

But for its debut night, it was big.

For the 10/9 timeslot:

NBC - The Jay Leno Show - 17.66 million viewers
CBS - How I Met Your Mother (r) / Big Bang Theory (r) - 6.83 / 5.23
ABC - Dreamgirls - 4.31

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