Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Vampire Diaries / The Beautiful Life - TV reviews

The CW has a couple new shows, both aimed to about the same age group. One I think will succeed and one won't.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - They are in what is maybe the toughest time-slot of the week. Thursdays at 8/7. It'll need to take on ABC's FlashForward, CBS's Survivor, FOX's Bones, and NBC's comedy line-up. But with The CW, anything above 3 million viewers is a hit show.

It's very much like Twilight: The Series. The acting and directing started to bug me before the end of the first episode. The actors all have that pose-acting thing going, almost soap-opera style. The camera always has to be close up on whoever has the line, and the cast had very mannered delivery. It feels particularly cutesy after watching True Blood, and while it has its detractors, Twilight has a more compelling lead actress.

For my wife it was the soundtrack. The song always swelled to be louder than the dialogue right before every commercial break.

THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE - Having seen the ratings, this thing's going to disappear in a few episodes. Maybe if they'd called it a remake of Models, Inc., to correspond with their sequel/reboots of 90210 and Melrose Place, it would have worked for them. As is, it's a shallow drama about the modeling world, with Sara Paxton as the stand-in wholesome girl keeping her principles in a competitive industry. I think having this follow America's Next Top Model hurts it, because the reality-show drama can be more entertaining than the scripted one right after it.

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