Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bill trashing Barack too much

I found this little nugget and thought I'd pass it along.

Bill Clinton has never been a classy person. But I think his conduct over the last couple of weeks is tacky even for him. Think about it for a minute. Here is a former president going out on the campaign trail in the early primaries and trashing one of his own party's greatest new talents. Can you recall any other president doing such a thing in an election campaign? The abuse he has heaped on Obama both tarnishes his former office and cheapens his role as an elder statesman in the Democratic party. Donna Brazile has bravely pointed this out as well, noting that Clinton's abuse had some racial tinges to it:

"For him to go after Obama using 'fairy tale,' calling him a 'kid,' as he did last week, it's an insult. And I tell you, as an African-American, I find his words and his tone to be very depressing."

It could be argued that an exception should be made because his wife is running. But that seems to me to compound the offense. Supporting your spouse is one thing; trashing his or her opponent from the powerful position as leader of his party is another. President George H. W. Bush supported his son in his campaigns but never came near the attacks that Clinton has unleashed. And Bush Senior always insisted, as did his son, that he would not be involved in the politics of a second Bush administration. Clinton will be deeply involved in a possible future Clinton administration, just as his wife was in his. He is trashing fellow Democrats to extend his own power.

What we are witnessing is the corruption of nepotism and the abuse of a former office for the pursuit of dynastic power. Anyone who has ever followed the Clintons knows how unscrupulous they are. But even I didn't expect a former president to be as tacky as this. You want this kind of character back in the White House? You want another dynasty, defending itself and attacking others in the same party? You know what to do.

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