Monday, January 21, 2008

Chris Matthews' Hardball Power Rankings

I guess this is a new feature Chris is doing on MSNBC.

1. Hillary Clinton - won Nevada despite the rumpus over the unions
2. John McCain - won S.C. and won a decent chunk of evangelicals doing it
3. Mitt Romney - first Republican to win three states
4. Barack Obama - needs to get another win before Super Tuesday
5. Rudy Giuliani - Rasmussen's poll has his long-time Florida lead vanishing, and he's even behind in New York

Mike Huckabee - he still only has Iowa, where 60% evangelicals put him over the top
John Edwards - only 4% in Nevada?!
Fred Thompson - Drew the line in the sand at S.C. and came in a distant third
Ron Paul - His base is loyal, but he only took second in Nevada when McCain, Huck, Fred and Rudy decided not to compete there

Duncan Hunter - dropped out
Dennis Kucinich - delusional
Mike Gravel - Delusional with a capital D

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