Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hillary lies on Meet the Press

MR. RUSSERT: When we arrived in South Carolina yesterday this was The State newspaper, and the headlines agree to this. And let me share it with you and our viewers: "Clinton Camp Hits Obama, Attacks `painful' for black voters. Many in state offended by criticism of Obama," and "remarks about" Martin Luther "King." Bob Herbert, in The New York Times, columnist, weighed in this way: "I could also sense how hard the Clinton camp was working to undermine Senator Obama's main theme, that a campaign based on hope and healing could unify rather than further polarize the country. So there was the former president chastising the press for the way it was covering the Obama campaign and saying of Mr. Obama's effort, `The whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen.' And there was Mrs. Clinton telling the country we don't need `false hopes,' and taking cheap shots at, of all people, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We've already seen Clinton surrogates trying to implant the false idea that Mr. Obama might be a Muslim, and perhaps a drug dealer to boot."
What is this all about?

SEN. CLINTON: Well, beats me, because there's not one shred of truth in what you've just read.

Um, really? So there's not a shred of truth that it's painful for black voters to hear the criticisms from Clinton's camp? Bill Clinton didn't call it a 'fairy tale'? She didn't jab at Obama for giving the country 'false hopes'? Her surrogates didn't try to implant the false ideas of Barack being a Muslim or former drug dealer? That was the first question of the interview, and she just swipes it away with a wave of her hand.

Then there's this exchange:

MR. RUSSERT: You say you've been deeply involved in the eight years of the Clinton administration. One of the powers given to a president is the power of pardon. At the end of the president's second term, he granted 140 pardons, including one to Marc Rich, someone who had been convicted of tax evasion, fraud and making illegal oil deals with Iran. Were you involved in that pardon?
SEN. CLINTON: No. I didn't know anything about that.
MR. RUSSERT: No one talked to you whatsoever?
SEN. CLINTON: No. No. Unh-unh.
MR. RUSSERT: His ex-wife gave $109,000 to your campaign.
SEN. CLINTON: Well, no one talked to me about it, Tim.
MR. RUSSERT: Nobody?
MR. RUSSERT: Your two brothers proposed people for pardons and you were paid money. One brother, you asked to give the money back.
SEN. CLINTON: That's right. That's right.
MR. RUSSERT: Were you aware your brothers were involved?
SEN. CLINTON: No, I was not.

They've been doing revisitonist history to say she was more involved then than they wanted to let on, but whenever it comes to Bill's bad decisions, she had no idea. Either way there's dishonesty going on, and it's just more evidence how polarizing she's going to be to the country if she gets back in the White House.

I may switch to Democrat this year just so I can vote for Obama in the primary.

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