Thursday, January 31, 2008

Democratic debate

Well, well. Anyone who was undecided who watched last night's debate and tonight's debate probably came out saying "I'm leaning Democrat." A week ago, the Democrats had a nasty debate (Obama: "Hillary was a corporate lawyer for Wal-Mart!" / Hillary: "Obama represented Rezko the slumlord!") and the following debate was very pleasant from the Republicans.

However, pleasant meant Romney was able to gain some ground on McCain, so McCain floated this lie about Romney's position on timetables. It saddens me daily that McCain's doing this and I've lost a lot of respect for him. I find myself hoping Romney wins the Republican nomination now. Last night it was clear McCain hates Romney's guts and was willing to play dirty. Romney showed his frustration at how personal the attacks have been against him. Huckabee continues to not admit he's trying hard to be McCain's VP.

What bothers me about what McCain did is it means anyone can throw out any accusation and just let stay in the news for days.

McCain: "Romney's a proud gay illegal immigrant."
Romney: "What are you talking about?"
McCain: "Here's a quote from you given in an interview in April 2006. You used the words 'proud', 'gay', and 'illegal immigrant' all in the same sentence. You're a proud gay illegal immigrant, my friend."
Romney: "Reagan would find this reprehensible."
McCain: "They're your words, my friend. Proud gay illegal immigrant. You started it when you ran an ad contrasting our positions."

Aaaanyway, Barack and Hillary acted like old friends at the debate, and I agreed with David Gergen's post-debate analysis when he said it was more like a conversation. Hillary's the front-runner; why rock the boat? Barack's catching up, gaining ground; why rock the boat?

I think if McCain's the GOP nominee, the Democrat will win in November.

So I can only hope Obama wins the Democratic nomination.

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