Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rush Hour 3 - DVD Review

RUSH HOUR 3 (*1/2) - Starring Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Max von Sydow, Hiroyuki Sanara, Yvan Attal, Tzi Ma and Philip Baker Hall. Directed by Brett Ratner.

The lack of imagination in the fight choreography this time around really shows how old Jackie Chan is getting. I also don't see where all the money went in its $120 million production budget. Are plane flights to Paris really that much?

Lee and Carter are back, and the whole time I'm watching Jackie, I can see what he's thinking. "I have no idea why Chris and Brett think this is funny, but I guess I'll trust them." Actually, Jackie, you're right. This isn't funny. The plot goes through the motions of a mystery, but I found the conspiracy in Wild Wild West more intriguing.

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