Thursday, September 30, 2010

The City of Your Final Destination - DVD Review


Starring Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney, Omar Metwally, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Hiroyuki Sanada and Norma Aleandro.
Directed by James Ivory.

This is a movie based on a book where I imagine the book was well-written and interesting, but it doesn't lend itself well to the screen. The movie doesn't move.

It's about a young man who wants to write a biography about a recently deceased author, but he goes to Uruguay to get permission from his "eccentric" surviving family. Chief among the skeptical relatives are Anthony Hopkins and Laura Linney, and despite defined, measured performances, their presense isn't enough shield the inertia in the story.

Like most Ivory projects, it's pleasant to look at, solid in the art direction and cinematography areas. There were times where I just expected Hopkins to say, "I think I'll take a nap" and then look at the camera and say, "Feel free to do the same."

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