Monday, September 6, 2010

Harry Brown - DVD Review


Starring Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Charlie Creed-Miles, David Bradley, Liam Cunningham, Iain Glen and Sean Harris.
Directed by Daniel Barber.

Michael Caine is great in everything he does, and when he's the lead, he really gets to show what he can do. I was excited at the prospect of him starring in his own Gran Torino, but that was my first mistake. Gran Torino was really good, and this one pales by comparison, though through no fault of Caine's.

Caine plays Harry Brown, a man living in a rougher, poorer section of London, and the gang violence is increasing around him. The cops don't seem to be effective and after a couple tragic events, Harry Brown decides enough's enough. The guy's a former Marine after all.

He wanders into the seedier parts of town and uncovers the tangled webs between gangs and the drug culture. Dead bodies of lowlifes pile up, and the local inspector (Emily Mortimer) is sympathetic but thinks it might be Harry behind the body count.

Caine's cool, but it really is just a cockney Death Wish.

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