Monday, September 13, 2010

CW's Nikita - TV Review

I never saw the Peta Wilson series, but I did see the original French La Femme Nikita and the US remake Point of No Return. Maggie Q fits in nicely as the butt-kicking protagonist, a woman once trained to be an assassin who now wants to take down the covert department that made her that way. It's like a cross between Alias and Dollhouse.

My only real problem was they youthified too much. Would've liked to see the etiquette coach still be a woman older than Melinda Clarke (not that I don't like Clarke), and I've never been a Shane West fan so I wasn't thrilled to see him as the handler. West was in Whatever It Takes and played Tom Sawyer in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and so I was soured on him. I quit watching ER when he joined the cast (not solely because of him, but he didn't help).

If someone was paying me to watch and recap each week, I'd keep watching. I liked Maggie Q and it was nice to see 24's Xander Berkeley as the Big Boss. It just didn't hook me enough to get a reservation in my viewing schedule.

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