Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall TV Preview - Thursday


CBS - The Big Bang Theory
- - - - $#*! MY DAD SAYS
NBC - Community
- - - - 30 Rock
FOX - Bones
CW - The Vampire Diaries

ABC - Grey's Anatomy
NBC - The Office
FOX - Fringe

ABC - Private Practice
CBS - The Mentalist
NBC - The Apprentice

New Shows:

MY GENERATION - The premise is that a documentarian interviewed a group of kids from the graduating class of 2000, and ten years later, we see where they are now.

$#*! MY DAD SAYS - Based on the popular Twitter account, William Shatner is the politically-incorrect old coot who says outrageous things around his 20-something-year-old son who moves back in with him.

OUTSOURCED - Based on a little-seen movie, it's about an American who moves to India to train a new call-center. Culture clashes abound. I personally work with an office in Bangalore so I'm hoping I'll recognize aspects of it.

NIKITA - Maggie Q (Mission Impossible 3) stars in this reboot of the Peta Wilson series, which was based on the French film La Femme Nikita. It's getting good reviews.

My Prediction:

In the first hour I see Big Bang crushing everyone. Bones should continue to do well, and I don't think Community/ 30 Rock combo will do worse. That leaves My Generation in a precarious position, primarily if it has a poor lead-in to Grey's Anatomy, which may have been getting long in the tooth except it's opposite a longer, toothier CSI, minus William Peterson and now losing Marg Helgenberger this year. If Outsourced bombs, they have Parks & Recreation ready to come back. My hunch is Nikita will do well for CW standards.

No changes in the final hour. Nice to see a celebrity-free Apprentice return, but it and Private Practive will get stomped by The Mentalist.

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