Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Bad Movies I'm Looking Forward To

1. SEASON OF THE WITCH (TBA 2011) - Nicolas Cage in medieval times. The epic terribleness has unlimited potential. Did I mention it has Ron Perlman? His presense never guarantees a good movie, lest we forget about Outlander and The Mutant Chronicles, but it does guaranteee there will be ham on hand.

2. THE GREEN HORNET (Jan. 14) - The central casting of Seth Rogen is a bad idea. I'll say that now, and I've liked him in other stuff, but it was just wrong-headed to put him here. That said, he's going to be surrounded by talented people (Christoph Waltz, Tom Wilkinson) trying to dignify the material, and it's very rare when the female love interest (Cameron Diaz) is older than the male-- wait, did I type Cameron Diaz? Yes, I did. Gwyneth Paltrow gets Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man, and Diaz gets Rogen in The Green Hornet. Huh.

3. SAW 3-D (Oct. 29) - Because they don't want to call it Part 7. None of the sequels have been good per se, but the final chapter is bringing back Cary Elwes, whose delirious over-acting was transcendant by the time he sawed off his foot to free himself. So even if it's on ClearPlay DVD, I have to see how this ends. I mean, Jigsaw's been dead for four movies now; what else could be up his sleeve? (It might be worth seeing the first one again, just for the pre-Lost Michael Emerson).

4. SMURFS (Aug. 4) - The preview made my teeth hurt. But it is going the Enchanted route with real-life Neil Patrick Harris at the center of the little blue guys entering our dimension. It'll be bad, but it'll be ...wait for it... still worth it.

5. CASE 39 (Already out) - The reviews were bad, the movie was filmed four years ago and just came out weeks ago, but I'll still want to catch it on DVD. I'm a sucker for ghost stories, especially with spooky children, and also if I get to see Ian McShane participate.

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