Thursday, October 7, 2010

Casino Jack & the United States of Money - DVD Review


Directed by Alex Gibney.

Slick, well-put-together documentary that traces how Jack Abramoff went from middle-class college Republican to the big moneyshaker in DC. It's a tale about the ease of seduction in politics, and how some politicians who might have had morals tend to rationalize more and more when they see green.

For one thing, I didn't realize Jack Abramoff produced Red Scorpion, that awful Dolph Lundgren movie, so there's another reason to dislike the guy.

This movie demonstrates how corrupting money is, but it doesn't offer any solutions. Nor do many of the players seem that penitent. Tom DeLay still finds money the ultimate in free speech, and the more money you have, the "freer" your speech. What's the average American supposed to do in a system when it costs $100 million to run for senator and $1 billion to run for president, in a country where the median income is, what, $36,000 a year?

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