Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please Give - DVD Review

Starring Catherine Keener, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Rebecca Hall, Sarah Steele, Lois Smith and Thomas Ian Nicholas.
Directed by Nicole Holofcener.

I feel like I'm on to Nicole Holofcener. Once the credits started abruptly rolling, I sat back and wondered "Haven't I seen this movie two or three times before?" Then I see what else she's done, and hey, there's Walking & Talking, Lovely & Amazing, and Friends with Money. I have seen this before.

This time around, I really didn't feel the need to see it again. We get another movie about self-obsessed well-off women who deal with their own struggles. If one of them is married, there will be adultery. Unpleasant characters can be interesting, but that's not an automatic given. Sometimes unpleasant characters wear out their welcome and we don't want to keep their company anymore.

Not to say they're all bad. I liked Rebecca Hall (The Town) as the good sister trying out a romance with a young man much shorter than her. The cast actually is uniformly solid at what they're asked to do, but when everything gets wrapped at the end with a neat little bow, with some storylines barely mined, and the credits suddenly roll, I did a double-take. "That's it?"

Felt more like the first two episodes of some cable dramedy.

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