Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC's Better with You - TV Review

I can still enjoy a sitcom with a laughtrack. Big Bang Theory, for instance. Sometimes it hurts, like in a show like Big Lake, where none of the jokes are funny. Then it feels like the audience, live-studio or not, is being puncihed to have to come up with convincing laughs every few seconds to support the banality in front of them. When the show is pleasant enough, then it's okay.

Here, the premise is that the older sister has had her live-in boyfriend for nine years and keeps asserting the "valid life choice" of keeping it that way. Her younger sister, though, has decided on a whim (and a pregnancy) to marry her boyfriend of seven weeks. Their parents are just thrilled their first grandchild is on the way.

It fits in okay with the ABC Wednesday line-up, so if one is watching The Middle and Modern Family, no harm in watching this between the two. If it was on its own, ehh, probably not.

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