Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ABC's V - TV Review

The second-season finale was easily the best episode of the series. Wow. And yet with its mediocre ratings, ABC may cancel it, but I say a show that goes out with a bang like that needs to be rewarded with one last season. For those who've been watching, you've probably been annoyed like me that half the characters aren't interesting and the plot each week is the human resistance comes up with a plan, and then the plan backfires.

This time the stakes were high and the episode rolled like the climax from a George RR Martin book. There was a very real sense that no character would be safe, and they weren't. Let's just say the show ends with most of humanity under a trance, three significant characters dead and the fate of at least one more in jeopardy, and Anna poised to conquer Earth with ease. You can't let a show end on that note.

Also, the best line of the entire series was uttered in this episode: "That's how you kill your mother!"

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