Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dealing with Blockbuster Online

I tend to put most new releases I haven't seen in my Blockbuster queue, and then I sort them by how curious I am to see them. If a movie stays in the teens or twenties too long in the ranking, I figure I'm not going to see it and delete it. I plan to cancel it at the end of the month and try Netflix next month, as Blockbuster is carrying fewer and fewer of the independent titles. Many foreign or documentary titles aren't there, and they stopped carrying the VeggieTales. They also tend to send things out of order. I have the ones I want to see most at the top; why did you send me #12 on the list?

Now when I've called customer service before, they've told me to make sure sure my top 10-15 titles are "Available." Well, only about 10 of the 40 titles in my current queue are "Available" and they're not the 10 I want most. What am I supposed to do if the ones I want to get are Short Wait, Long Wait, Very Long Wait, On Order or Unavailable? Wait for them to be come Available? Could take weeks; could take months. I have one movie I've wanted to see for over a year but it's never become Available. Now my desire's dwindled and I probably never will see it. For some of the bigger titles, I tend to go through Redbox. They have a free rental code once a month, and on months when I've suspended my Blockbuster account, I can catch up on what Redbox offers.

I don't like that Blockbuster's approaching bankruptcy. I like the option of them being there. On the other hand, they're the ones who gobbled up all other video-rental stores, and they don't send me the titles I want to see. What is the bonus of claiming you have Unstoppable a month before Netflix or Redbox when you put it in your Long Wait pile and won't send it to me for two months?

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