Thursday, March 10, 2011

New TV Shows

CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR (CBS) - I've never seen an episode of the regular Thomas Gibson-starring Criminal Minds, but I thought I'd give this one a look. This one is obviously relying on the viewer to already be familiar with the tropes of this franchise. There was no attempt to define characters; it was 100% procedural. Forest Whitaker adds gravitas to whatever he attempts, but he has to be thinking, "I won an Academy Award. What am I doing here?"

MR. SUNSHINE (ABC) - Seen a couple episodes now and it's not really working for me yet. I love Matthew Perry and that he's on a comedy this time, but he doesn't have the ensemble to bounce off of just yet. Andrea Anders is her peppy self, but her presense reminds me that the brilliant Better Off Ted gave her more to do. Nate Torrence and James Lesure, meh so far. I do like Allison Janney as his boss Crystal. I hope it picks up, but Cougar Town's a better show.

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