Monday, March 14, 2011

Secretariat - DVD Review

ll 1/2

Starring Diane Lane, John Malkovich, Margo Martindale, James Cromwell, Dylan Walsh, Nelsen Ellis, Dylan Baker, Scott Glenn, Fred Dalton Thompson and Kevin Connolly.
Directed by Randall Wallace.

This deeply square movie has many admirable elements going for it, and many cliched elements going against. I can't blame the cast for doing a good job covering how shallow their characters are.

This family-friendly movie's about the winningest racehorse who ever lived. It centers on his owner Penny Chenery (Diane Lane), a millionaire who doesn't know much about horseracing, but with her daddy ailing, she'd determined to make this one a winner.

The music swells at the right times, the cinematography's gorgeous, but I couldn't help but recall how Seabiscuit was a better movie.

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