Thursday, March 1, 2012

NBC's Celebrity Apprentice - TV Review

The first episode was Paul Teutel Sr. vs. Patricia Velasquez in a challenge that was really all about rich friends answering favors. Paul had an anonymous donor give him $305,000 so nothing else mattered in the challenge, and Cheryl Tiegs was the sacrificial lamb.

The second episode is more even, as the winning task is determined by the audience. It's putting on a show at Medieval Times. Penn Jillette vs. Lisa Lampinelli.

Penn shows that he's a good leader, assigning tasks toward people's strengths, diplomatic in his approach to others. Lisa' okay, but she has a shorter temper and gets snippy when she feels interrupted.

When it came to the actual shows, I thought they were close. Penn's seemed to go a little smoother, and I would have guessed Lisa would have been docked for the poor technical work and the ladies flashing a little too much to a family crowd.

It turned out that yes, the ladies' show was too narrow. Scantily-clad babes for the men, but what's for the women and children?

In the end, the women have lost the first two tasks and now Victoria Gotti has been sent packing.

By the way, if I was a project manager, and Trump asked me which two I felt were weakest in the task in case I lost, I'd say if we lose, I'll tell you.

So Celebrity Apprentice remains its guilty-pleasure self.  Trump's still a boorish one-percenter, charities are still being helped, and where else can you see George Takei steal some glimpses of Lou Ferrigno's chest?

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