Thursday, March 8, 2012

NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, Week 3 - TV Review

So with Victoria Gotti gone, can the women pull together? This week's task is about doing a window display, modeling Ivanka Trump's clothesline. It's tailor-made for the women's team to win. Ivanka's going to be the sole judge! The fix is in.

So even though the men had a better-looking display and were more creative, the women won. So how did the men's team do otherwise? Penn continued to show himself as a statesman; Adam Carolla, Paul Teutel are good workers. Dee Snyder, broken finger and all, was a trooper. Lou Ferrigno kept bristling at the notion he's giving anything less than 110%. Since neither George Takei or Clay Aiken fell into the stereotype of gay men having an eye for women's fashion, it fell to Arsenio Hall to dress the women, and Ivanka didn't like his style choices as much as the ladies. Or so she claims!

But really, it came down to project manage George. He could easily get confused before he finished a sentence and never really seemed to get the confidence of his team. Once the men lost the task, I knew George was toast.

And I suspect as soon as America's Next Top Model gets cancelled, one of the "J"s will be on the very next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

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